Body Tape


20 - Jericho Thorp

Improviser Jericho Thorp (@apiaryist) from the Victrola Podcast (@VictrolaPod) joins the Extra Salty gang to share a very personal story about family. Describing his story as “basically Grey Gardens, but with no one there to save us,” Jericho’s story takes us through a journey of conflict, scheming, and betrayal within his family as his father was ousted from the family’s will and everything was left to his uncle. Deeply personal and intense, Jericho’s story is a must listen!

19 - Alex Gaskin

We’ve got good news and bad news! Jasmine was in LA this week. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Jasmine GOT ENGAGED this week, too! The even more good news is that Ky took Jasmine being out of town as an opportunity to interview Jasmine’s fiance, Alex Gaskin (@Alex_J_Gaskin), about the proposal, the process, and the other side of wedding planning and expectations!

18 - Emily Howell

 Emily Howell drops by the studio to discuss balancing comedy, motherhood, and a frightening diagnosis. Radiating with optimism, Emily tells Ky and Jasmine about how she managed to find the funny through all of the the sharp lefts that life can throw at a person and how she came out on the other side. 

17 - Angelina Martin

Austin stand-up comedian and improviser Angelina Martin (@angelinajmartin) joins us for a very emotional talk about emotionally intimate friendships, what it’s like to lose them, and how difficult they can be to rebuild. The rawest Extra Salty episode to date, Angelina opens up a dialogue of the double standards between emotional and sexual relationships and how rebuilding a bridge with close friends can be a Biore pore strip for the soul.

15 - Vanessa Gonzalez

Vanessa Gonzalez (@buhnessa) joins Ky and Jasmine to talk about the downside of working with children, the expectations clients have of hired entertainment, and scheming coworkers before a week long run headlining Cap City Comedy Club.

14 - Scott Sticker

Local comedian Scott Sticker (@scottsticker) joins us to talk about parenting,  other parents that hate their kids, and all of the terrible bosses he’s had including a man with his named carved in golden teeth, a man who named a bear after him then killed the bear, a conspiracy theorist newspaper reporter in Roswell, NM, and an insanely aggressive wildlife refuge founder.

13 - The Most Heinous Bitch in the World

Ky and Jasmine release a (few days late) Thanksgiving chat about handling family that can be hard to navigate, talking about comedy with family, and how Ky shaded a baby that was less than 24 hours old. Our producer, Ethan, also tries to sabotage us mid episode by playing a video of someone chowing down on a buffet of cooked bugs.

12 - Stefan Gill

Writer, director, and improviser Stefan Gill (@gillson2) joins us to talk about being born into and growing up in a religious cult where his father was one of the right-hand men to the leader and how his family ultimately left the cult.

11 - Nathalie Holmes

Comedian, actress, and writer Nathalie Holmes (@prettyfunnynat) joins us to talk about producing a one woman sketch comedy show, Southern cooking, and bullying. We also discuss Michelle Williams and the Spice Girls because we have no idea how to be relevant.

10 - Carina Magyar

Queen of Austin comedy Carina Magyar (@CarinaTheMagyar) tell us about how she got “Jay Leno’d” out of the job that brought her to Austin, how Burning Man ruined a past workplace, and how to keep your eye on the prize when working as a writer.

8 - Brandon Martin

Actor and improviser Brandon Martin (@oldhotnuts) shares his story about being the product of infidelity, the struggle of wanting to entertain while growing up in a small town, and why a mashed potato open bar would be better than a booze open bar at weddings.

7 - Rachel Hall

Actress and comedian Rachel Hall (@itsjustrachelh) joins us to discuss hobbyists in the comedy world, the infuriating phrase “right of first refusal” in the acting world, and how to stay focused while working in fields full of rejection.

4 - Skyler Morgan

From business major/football player to EMT/bodybuilder to audiobook narrator, artist, and occasional yogie, Skyler Morgan (@thevoiceofskylarmorgan) joins us to talk about multiple life and career shifts and taking care of yourself.

3 - Adam Serwa

Comedian Adam Serwa (@Pork_Lion) stops by to discuss polyamorous relationship dynamics, some of the resentments that can arise when in a relationship with multiple partners, and how that dynamic can also free some people from the resentments that commonly arise in relationships.

2 - Joey Zimmerman

Comedian Joey Zimmerman (@JoeyZimmz) stops by to talk about past relationships and infidelity. We digress a bit into the concept of recreational drug use, but explore some of the saltiness around the generalized perceptions of recreational drug use.

1 - Jasmine & Ky

Jasmine asks Ky about his saltiness behind being ghosted and experiences with dating as a gay man. Ky turns the tables back on her and asks about the salt of internal and external pressures that drive the desires to get married.