Body Tape


4 - Skyler Morgan

From business major/football player to EMT/bodybuilder to audiobook narrator, artist, and occasional yogie, Skyler Morgan (@thevoiceofskylarmorgan) joins us to talk about multiple life and career shifts and taking care of yourself.

3 - Adam Serwa

Comedian Adam Serwa (@Pork_Lion) stops by to discuss polyamorous relationship dynamics, some of the resentments that can arise when in a relationship with multiple partners, and how that dynamic can also free some people from the resentments that commonly arise in relationships.

2 - Joey Zimmerman

Comedian Joey Zimmerman (@JoeyZimmz) stops by to talk about past relationships and infidelity. We digress a bit into the concept of recreational drug use, but explore some of the saltiness around the generalized perceptions of recreational drug use.

1 - Jasmine & Ky

Jasmine asks Ky about his saltiness behind being ghosted and experiences with dating as a gay man. Ky turns the tables back on her and asks about the salt of internal and external pressures that drive the desires to get married.