Body Tape


EP 88: Buridan's Ass

Ben explains Buridan's Ass to Pat.

EP 87: Julia Kristeva

Ben explains Julia Kristeva to Pat.

EP 86: Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz w/ George Anthony

George Anthony joins Ben and Pat to talk about Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz.

EP 85: Just War Theory

Ben explains just war theory to Pat.

EP 84: The Swamp Man

Ben explains the Swamp Man to Pat.

EP 83: Gilles Deleuze

Ben explains Gilles Deleuze to Pat.

EP 82: Pragmatism

Ben explains pragmatism to Pat.

EP 81: Time

Ben explains time to Pat.

EP 80: The Problem of Other Minds

Ben explains the Problem of Other Minds to Pat.

EP 79: Situationism w/ Clayton Blackstone

Clayton Blackstone joins Ben and Pat to discuss Situationism.

EP 78: The Uncanny Valley w/ Jake Flores

Jake Flores and Ben explain the uncanny valley to Pat.

EP 77: Betrand Russell Pt. 2

Part two of Ben explaining Betrand Russell to Pat.

EP 76: Betrand Russell: Part I

Ben explains Betrand Russell to Pat part one.

EP 75: Kavka's Toxin Puzzle

Ben explains Kavka's Toxin Puzzle to Pat.

EP 74: Simone de Beauvoir

Ben explains Simone de Beauvoir to Pat.

EP 73: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Ben explains Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel to Pat.

EP 72: The Frankfurt School

Ben explains The Frankfurt School to Pat.

EP 71: Søren Kierkegaard

Ben explains Søren Kierkegaard to Pat.

EP 70: Thomas Hobbes w/ Harrison Hammonds

Harrison Hammonds explains Thomas Hobbes to Ben and Pat.

EP 69: God

Ben explains God to Pat.