Body Tape


EP 47: Arthur Schopenhauer

Ben explains Arthur Schopenhauer to Pat.

EP 46: The Famous Violinist w/ Judge John Dean

Judge John Dean joins Pat and Ben to discuss the famous violinist. 

EP 45: Modal Realism

Ben and Pat discuss Modal Realism.

EP 44: Slavoj Žižek w/ Avery Moore

Ben and Pat discuss Slavoj Žižek with Avery Moore. 

EP 43: Osho

Ben and Pat discuss guru Osho. 

EP 42: Niccolò Machiavelli

Ben and Pat discuss Niccolò Machiavelli.

EP 41: John Duns Scotus w/ Patrick Sirois

Pat Sirois joins Ben and Pat to discuss John Duns Scotus. 

EP 40: What Is It Like To Be A Bat?

Ben and Pat discuss what it is like to be a bat. 

EP 39: Logical Fallacies

Ben explains logical fallacies to Pat. 

EP 38: Monkeys Typing Shakespeare

Ben explains monkeys typing Shakespeare to Pat. 

EP 37: Sigmund Freud w/ Jared Hawley

Special guest Jared Hawley drops in to talk to Ben and Pat about Sigmund Freud. 

EP 36: Epicureanism

Pat and Ben discuss Epicureanism in the Greek Triple Stack. 

EP 35: Stoicism


EP 34: Cynicism

Ben and Pat discuss cynicism. 

EP 33: Cornel West

Ben explains Cornel West to Pat. 

EP 32: The Self w/ Carina Magyar

Carina Magyar drops by to talk to Ben and Pat about The Self. 

EP 31: David Hume

Ben explains David Hume to Pat. 

EP 30: The Archetypes

Pat and Ben discuss the archetypes. 

EP 29: The Enlightenment

Ben explains The Enlightenment to Pat. 

EP 28: Vedanta

Ben explains vedanta to Pat.