Body Tape


EP 65: The Mind Body Problem

Ben explains the Mind Body Problem to Pat.

EP 64: Art: Part II: Son of Art

Ben explains Art: Part II: Son of Art 2 to Pat.

EP 63: Art

Ben explains art to Pat.

EP 62: Moral Luck

Ben explains moral luck to Pat.

EP 61: Jacques Lacan

Ben explains Jacques Lacan to Pat.

EP 60: Philippa Foot

Ben explains Philippa Foot to Pat.

EP 59: Jacque Derrida

EP 58: Pascal's Wager

Ben explains Pascal's Wager to Pat. 

EP 57: Peter Singer

Ben explains Peter Singer to Pat. 

EP 56: Pythagoras

Ben explains Pythagoras to Pat.

EP 55: Democritus

Ben explains Democritus to Pat. 

EP 54 - Heraclitus

Ben explains Heraclitus to Pat.

EP 53 - Mary Wollstonecraft

Ben explains Mary Wollstonecraft to Pat. 

EP 52: Mary's Room

Ben explains Mary's Room to Pat. 

EP 51: Jordan Peterson w/ Jay Whitecotton

Jay Whitecotton drops by and discusses Jordan Peterson with Pat and Ben. 

EP 50: Baruch Spinoza

Ben explains Baruch Spinoza to Pat.

EP 49: The Medium Is The Message w/ Joe Faina

EP 49: The Medium Is The Message w/ Joe Faina

EP 48: The Transcendentalists

Ben explains the Transcendentalists to Pat.

EP 47: Arthur Schopenhauer

Ben explains Arthur Schopenhauer to Pat.

EP 46: The Famous Violinist w/ Judge John Dean

Judge John Dean joins Pat and Ben to discuss the famous violinist.