Body Tape


Episode 9: The Way We Heard It First, Mike!

Dany and Jake discover a nemesis lurking in the dark world of podcasting. Not only is a thief of things that have been heard but also names. Oh, and he stinks too! We're coming for you, Mike! I mean, seems like the way Dany and Jake heard it is they're out for Mike Rowe. Episode in Review: The Way I Heard It: “You Don't Know Mike” (Epsiode 33)

Episode 4: The WHIF: We Heard it First’s Dollop Edition

On We Heard It First: Dollop Edition, Dany Recio reads a synopsis from a random episode of the Dollop to his friend Jake Rowe who has no idea what the episode is going to be about. In this episode Jake and Dany explore the episode of the Dollop that focused on the story of the guy that believed in a hollow earth.      Episode in Review: The Dollop: Hollow Earth (Episode 80) 

Episode 3: More-to-find: Is My Boyfriend Gay? (Yeah, is he?)

Jake and Dany get personal as they review ‘Mortified: Is My Boyfriend Gay?’ They breakdown the troubles of reading personal journal entries to a crowded room, take a crack at reading entries from their personal diaries, and talk with someone who can finally definitively answer the podcast’s question of ‘Is her boyfriend gay?’, but also explain to Jake what gay is and what fruit is to Dany, the boyfriend of the boyfriend. Episode in Review: Mortified- (14) Jenny: ‘Is My Boyfriend Gay?’ Features: Jered McCorkle

Episode 2: Bore: The Very Special Hotel Owner (He’s not a Killer)

Riding high on the huge reception of their last episode Jake and Dany dig deep into the podcast chest and pull out a disembodied hand still gripping the podcast ‘Lore: the Castle’. They learn from host Aaron Mahnke about a certain business owner and philanthropist that terrorized Chicago a century ago. Upon learning certain details about such a man inspires Jake to seek a certain personal truth. Episode in Review: Lore (Episode 8)- ‘The Castle’  Features: Courtney Peterson

Episode 1: WSS (Why So Sad) with Marc Morose: Interview with O-blame-a

On their first official episode Jake and Dany take a crack at a historic episode of podcasting as they review ‘WTF with Marc Maron’s Obama’ interview. They breakdown the episode, try to figure why Marc Maron is so sad all the time, and have a special celebrity guest. (Shhh… it’s Obama). Episode in Review: WTF with Marc Maron (Episode 613) President Barack Obama. Features: Tyler Groce.