Body Tape


35 - Jenny Zigrino

In a tape that Jasmine and Ky thought that they lost, they sat down with Jenny Zigrino (Comedy Central, Conan) to talk about wedding stuff, being rude to waiters, and meeting distant family members.

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34 - It's Season 3!

Welcome to Season 3! Ky and Jasmine kick season three off on a serious note, talking about the assault of Jussie Smollett, how a tweet going viral can lead to a few weeks of verbal abuse online, and how being part of a minority group puts pressure on its members to constantly be educating people on social and cultural issues while also being under pressure to present ideas with certain words and tone.

33 - Sheila de Guzman

Writer Sheila de Guzman joins Jasmine and Ky to talk about making relationships work through difficult times. She shares her story of how she felt resentment for a new relationship through working opposite schedules, differences in income, and how supporting her musician boyfriend and attending shows helped her discover signs that would later be confirmed as a diagnosis of autism. She tells us how her perspective changed after her diagnosis and how her and her husband created a system that worked for them and saved their relationship.

32 - Nathan Ehrmann

Comedian and actor Nathan Ehrmann (@justmadebynate) joins Jasmine and Ky to talk about his time living as a foreigner in Japan, how he got into a bicycle accident that got complicated very quickly, and how the experience of living abroad expanded his world view.

31 - Austin Smartt

Comedian Austin Smartt (@austinissmartt) from the popular podcast Gender Fluids joins Jasmine and Ky to talk three different salty stories culminating in a sexual encounter with a teacher in a small town. In a very interesting and powerful episode, the three cover a lot of salty ground. NOTE: A portion of this episode is quite graphic and may not be appropriate for younger children. Listener discretion is advised.

29 - Gina Yashere

Comedian Gina Yashere (@ginayashere) from The Daily Show and Netflix’s “The Standups” joins Jasmine and Ky at the 2018 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (@oobfest). Gina talks about how Americans address her British accent, how a healthy diet has helped her lupus, and her best and worst road moments.

Out of Bounds Comedy Festival occurs annually on Labor Day in Austin, TX. More information about the festival can be found at

Special thanks to the staff and crew of both Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, the Velveeta Room, and Dustin Svehlak.

28 - Holli Cuomo

Comedian Holli Cuomo joins Jasmine and Ky to talk about how bad relationships can bring out the worst in you, how not respecting yourself can lead to terrible life choices, and how she realized that a relationship was turning both of the people in it into monsters.

27 - Melody Shifflet

Comedian Melody Shifflet (@smelodysnifflet) joins Ky and Jasmine to talk about the concept of being a “mom” friend, how it can be draining to be an emotional anchor for others, and how being too emotionally available can quickly turn into a one-way sympathy street. 

26 - Nikita Redkar

Comedian and writer Nikita Redkar (@theredkareport) joins Ky and Jasmine to talk about her saltiness over the high standards held for her while growing up with Indian immigrant parents, how it affected her growing up, and ultimately where she thinks the stereotype of higher standards in immigrant families is rooted. 

25 - No One Eats Ass in the Summer

Jasmine and Ky sit down to talk about body dysmorphia and unrealistic physical standards, how compliments that seem nice can have a backhanded tone to them, and how to navigate your own self-worth in a world that’s focused on the numbers on the scales or on the tags of your clothes.

24 - Monroe Martin

Jasmine and Ky go backstage at South by Southwest to interview Monroe Martin (@MonroeMartinIII) at the Comedy Central SXSW Stand-up Showcase. Monroe talks with us about show business, bullying, and growing up in group homes and how the three led him to where he is now in comedy. He also gives us a sneak peek of an upcoming project.

23 - Hope Carew

Hope Carew (@HopeCarew), comedian and producer of the web series Mr. Nice Girls,  joins Jasmine and Ky to talk about trusting your gut when you have a negative judgment about people and how she learned to trust her own gut through one of her mother’s previous marriages. 

22- Micheal Foulk

Comedian Micheal Foulk (@MichealFoulk) joins Jasmine and Ky from New York City to talk about childhood, how most children’s shows are hypersexual, gender, and about disagreeing with the recent release and praise for the movie “Call Me By Your Name.” 

20 - Jericho Thorp

Improviser Jericho Thorp (@apiaryist) from the Victrola Podcast (@VictrolaPod) joins the Extra Salty gang to share a very personal story about family. Describing his story as “basically Grey Gardens, but with no one there to save us,” Jericho’s story takes us through a journey of conflict, scheming, and betrayal within his family as his father was ousted from the family’s will and everything was left to his uncle. Deeply personal and intense, Jericho’s story is a must listen!

19 - Alex Gaskin

We’ve got good news and bad news! Jasmine was in LA this week. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Jasmine GOT ENGAGED this week, too! The even more good news is that Ky took Jasmine being out of town as an opportunity to interview Jasmine’s fiance, Alex Gaskin (@Alex_J_Gaskin), about the proposal, the process, and the other side of wedding planning and expectations!

18 - Emily Howell

 Emily Howell drops by the studio to discuss balancing comedy, motherhood, and a frightening diagnosis. Radiating with optimism, Emily tells Ky and Jasmine about how she managed to find the funny through all of the the sharp lefts that life can throw at a person and how she came out on the other side. 

17 - Angelina Martin

Austin stand-up comedian and improviser Angelina Martin (@angelinajmartin) joins us for a very emotional talk about emotionally intimate friendships, what it’s like to lose them, and how difficult they can be to rebuild. The rawest Extra Salty episode to date, Angelina opens up a dialogue of the double standards between emotional and sexual relationships and how rebuilding a bridge with close friends can be a Biore pore strip for the soul.